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Dustin Purdy Victorious at Five Mile Point Speedway 
Herrick Claims Exciting First Ever CRSA Feature Win – Thunder Mt. Speedway – 8/30/14 - posted on 08/31/14

Herrick Claims Exciting First Ever CRSA Feature Win – Thunder Mt. Speedway – 8/30/14

With the racing season starting to wind down, a huge crowd of sprint car fans climbed up the mountain to witness the first ever, "Sprint Car Saturday Night" at the Thunder Mountain Speedway! This was a Brett Deyo Promotions event and speedway promoter, Karl Spoonhower, provided us with an awesome, smooth racing surface. The top drivers of the CRSA Sprint Car Tour were on hand for this special event and it was the first time for many as this was only the second race since the 2006 season that the Tour graced the 3/8 mile oval.

After two caution free heat races and then a redraw for starting positions, it was Dalton Herrick sitting on the inside of row one with Lady racer, Kelly Hebing ( who was making her first ever start with the CRSA), sitting on the outside row.
Herrick, in his third year of sprint car racing, has been on fire this season and had already claimed his best finish earlier this year with a second place. He was holding down the third spot in the Tour Point Race and was currently fifth in this final race of the Dirt Track Girl sponsored, " Western Roundup Challenge".

The crowd stood on its feet, shouting and waving to the drivers as they went with a beautiful four wide pace lap showing their appreciation back to the fans. They quickly lined back up two by two and it was Herrick taking the early lead under Kenny Marshall's green flag with Hebing close behind him going in to turn one. Herrick came out of turn two in front to lead lap one with Hebing and Josh Pieniazek on his heels. The only caution of the entire night fell as the field was completing the first lap for Mike Kiser, as he got turned around in turn one. The rest of the field barely missed him and he was fired back up and he returned to the back of the pack.

On the single file restart at the cone, it was Herrick remaining out in front, followed by Hebing, Pieniazek, Art Kiser, and Brett Jaycox. Herrick pulled to a half a straightaway advantage as Pieniazek was putting heavy pressure on Hebing. Everyone was fighting for position as the field was two and three wide all around the race track.

Mike Kiser was a man on a mission and by lap six broke into the top ten. Jaycox slipped his 07 past Art Kiser for the fourth spot and another lady racer, Emily VanInwegen was holding down sixth, Warren Alexson seventh, Ed Newhauser eighth, and Jeremy Quick in ninth.
At the halfway point, Herrick was closing in on lap traffic and the front of the field was starting to close the gap as they were in a heated battle for position. Mike Kiser was moving up and was now seventh.

Herrick’s lead was now only about two car lengths ahead of Hebing as she put a little distance on Pieniazek. He was getting heavy pressure to his inside from Jaycox. Mike Kiser continued to dice his way up through the pack as was the #20 of Cody Bova, and he had moved up to the eighth spot by lap fifteen. Bova, on vacation from Youngstown, Ohio, was also making his first ever start with the CRSA and his car was getting better as the laps unfolded.

Lap seventeen saw Jaycox steal third from Pieniazek and set his sights on Hebing. Mike Kiser squeezed past his dad, Art, for fourth, and Bova was now sixth using the high outside groove.
Just as Herrick was coming out of turn two, Tyler Jashembowski and John Matrafailo got together on the back stretch and both cars drifted to the infield ending their night with only three laps remaining and the race stayed green.

It was a night to remember for Dalton Herrick as the double checkered flags were waving at him for his first ever CRSA A-Main victory! Kelly Hebing was right there to take second with Jaycox having to settle for third, Pieniazek finished four and a hard charging Mike Kiser was fifth. Bova, Art Kiser, Emily VanInwegen, Joe Kata, and Jeremy Quick rounded out the top ten.

This victory was sweet for Herrick because it also moved him to the lead in the season long CRSA Sprint Car Tour points battle, taking advantage of the bad luck that was handed to the high points man all season long, Scott Goodrich, who had motor issues develop after the warm up session and the DNF by John Matrafailo, who was last year’s Point’s champ and was in second.
Herick also moved up from the fifth position to win the Dirt Track Girl "Western Roundup Challenge" point series. Congratulations Dalton Herrick!

A-Main finish, 20 laps:
1) 36 - Dalton Herrick 2) 10 - Kelly Hebing 3) 07 - Brett Jaycox 4) 3P - Josh Pieniazek 5) 99 - Mike Kiser 6) 20B - Cory Bova 7) 29 - Art Kiser 8) 19eM - Emily VanInwegen 9) 10 - Joe Kata 10) 72 - Jeremy Quick 11) 3A - Warren Alexson 12) 4 - Ed Newhauser 13) 4S - Kyle Smith 14) 1Q - Thomas Radivoy 15) 98T - Tyler Jashembowski 16) 17 - John Matrafailo DNS) 30 - Scott Goodrich

Kennedy's Towing of Troy winners bonus: Dalton Herrick

Magsarus Hard Charger Award : Brett Jaycox (+4)

G.Pivoda and Sons Construction heat race winners: Josh Pieniazek , Kyle Smith

Kelly Fuels Top Ten Award: Jeremy Quick
CRSA Season Top 10 in Points as of 8/30/14:
1)Dalton Herrick – 2717, 2)John Matrafailo – 2712, 3)Scott Goodrich – 2697, 4)Joe Kata – 2453, 5)Josh Pieniazek – 2340, 6)Jeremy Quick – 2218, 7)Emily VanInwegen – 2196, 8)Mike Kiser – 2054, 9)Warren Alexson – 1829, 10)Jordan Thomas – 1569

Thank you to our Sponsors: American Racer/ Lias Tire, Kelly Fuels, Krietz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus Ignitions, Kennedy's Towing, and G.Pivoda and Sons, M&W Aluminum Products, Dirt Track Girl, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Ingles Performance, and E&H Services.


Coming up next, this Saturday, a Labor Day weekend special! - posted on 08/29/14

The CRSA Sprint Car Tour returns to the Thunder Mountain Speedway in Center Lisle, NY for the first ever, "Sprint Car Saturday Night". The CRSA will join the Empire Super Sprints, SRP Sprints, and the Empire Lightning Sprints for a night of winged action. Everything is a go as the NYS sprint car fans will see their first ever all sprint car extravanza.

2012 marked the last time that Thunder Mountain saw the full size sprints of the CRSA and it was a thriller as Jeff VanSteenburg edged out Nick Cooper by a nose at the finish line.

This race is also the second race of the Dirt Track Girl, "Western Roundup" and Billy Jaycox leads the way with Jeremy Quick, Jordan Thomas, Jonathan Preston, and Dalton Herrick making up the top five.

Pit gate opens at 4:30. (The pits will be open for early arrivals and it is highly recommended as it will fill up quickly)

No transponders are needed

Raceceivers are mandatory

CRSA tire rule is in effect

Fuel and tires will be available at the track

Dustin Purdy Victorious at Five Mile Point – 8/23/14 - posted on 08/24/14

On a very busy night, with left over features added to the program, Mother Nature adding a rain delay and kiddie rides also on the schedule, the CRSA Sprint Car Tour hit the quarter mile oval at the Five Mile Point Speedway for the third time this year.

With the track surface drenched from the late afternoon shower, the track crew worked feverishly to get it back in shape for a huge night of racing. With the sprint cars scheduled for the first group of warm-ups, the drivers felt it was not ready enough to be safe for the high speeds of the light weight cars and forfeited their warm up sessions. The track started to come around by the time the sprint heats were on the track and the three heat races went on without a hitch except for a caution for the #72 of Jeremy Quick who had jumped a wheel and went head on in to the first turn barrier. Lucky for him, there are huge foam blocks in front of the concrete walls all around the racetrack. Not only was there minimal damage, he was pushed and restarted to finish the heat race from last to third!

After the redraw for the A-Main, it was Ed Newhauser and Josh Pieniazek bringing the twenty three car field to Kenny Marshall's green flag. Pieniazek jumped into the lead down the front stretch with Newhauser settling for the second spot. Joe Kata made a daring move from his sixth starting spot grabbing third, Dustin Purdy fourth, and Jeremy Quick was in the fifth position at the end of lap one.

Purdy got past Kata on lap three but Pieniazek was pulling away, but the caution flew on lap four for Brett Jaycox who had nipped the dreaded grader tire on the inside of the track sending him without any steering into the turn two foam. Again, only minimal front end damage, but he was done for the night.

Quick got past Kata two laps later and there was a torrid three way battle for the second spot. As the field was entering lap traffic, Newhauser got up above the cushion, which was quite high after the groove got packed in, and got "freight trained" as Purdy, Quick and Kata all went past on the bottom. Pieniazek was leading the way, but Purdy and Quick were closing fast. Purdy started to challenge for the lead using the low side of the race track, he got under Pieniazek and stole the lead on lap eleven.

Purdy was still the leader at the half way point followed by Pieniazek, Quick, Kata, and Newhauser. Two men moving up through the field were, Scott Goodrich coming from the eleventh spot and was now sixth and Mike Kiser, who started twelfth, was in eighth.
The yellow flag flew once again on twenty for Geoff Quackenbush as he got spun around in turn four ruining his charge towards the front. He had made it to the twelfth position after starting twenty third

With just five laps remaining, Purdy now had to contend with Pieniazek and Quick on his rear bumper. After the single file restart, Purdy was still in command as Quick was pressuring Pieniazek. The caution lights came on for the last time on lap twenty two. John Matrafailo's car had climbed up on the side of Art Kiser and they slid down into the infield before they finally unhooked from each other. They were both uninjured, but done for the night.
After the restart, it was Purdy showing the way, but as the field was going under the double checker flags, the red flag was quickly displayed for Dan Hennessy as he got crossed up on the heavy cushion and barrel rolled his #19 in turn one. Dan was uninjured, and it was Purdy scoring his first CRSA win in 2014 and the second of his career. Pieniazek held on for second, Quick third, Mike Kiser had a great run to grab fourth from Kata who finished in the fifth position. Goodrich, Scott Flammer, Chad King, Newhauser, and Dalton Herrick rounded out the top ten.

CRSA Results – Five Mile Point – 8/23/14

A-Main finish, 20 laps:
1) 83 - Dustin Purdy 2) 3P - Josh Pieniazek 3) 72 - Jeremy Quick 4) 99 - Mike Kiser 5) 10 – Joe Kata 6) 30 - Scott Goodrich 7) 37 - Scott Flammer 8) 24 - Chad King 9) 4 - Ed Newhauser 10) 36 - Dalton Herrick 11) 5X - Robert Gray 12) 79 - Jordan Thomas 13) 1Q - Thomas Radivoy 14) 1 - Dan Hennessy 15) 1 - Jeff Van Steenburg 16) 19eM - Emily VanInwegen 17) 98T - Tyler Jashembowski 18) 29 - Art Kiser 19) 17 - John Matrafailo 20) 61 - Parker Evans 21) 3A - Warren Alexson 22) 07 - Brett Jaycox 23) 25 - Geoff Quackenbush

Kennedy's Towing of Troy Winner’s bonus: Dustin Purdy

Magsarus Hard Charger Award : Mike Kiser (+8)

G.Pivoda and Sons Construction Heat Winners: Chad King, Scott Flammer, Dustin Purdy

Thank you to our Sponsors: American Racer/ Lias Tire, Kelly Fuels, Krietz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus Ignitions, Kennedy's Towing, and G.Pivoda and Sons, M&W Aluminum Products, Dirt Track Girl, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Ingles Performance, and E&H Services.


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