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Regionally Affiliated RACESAVER® Groups:
Virginia Sprint Series, PA 305 Sprints, El Paso Renegade Sprint Series Smiley's SST Series, CRSA NY Series, Tech Motor Speedway
Rules are meaningless, if they are not consistently enforced.

As a racer, you must insist on proper rules enforcement.  RACESAVER®  is fortunate to have the high character and unselfish efforts of our regional directors and tech men. Our full technical support is available to every region. How passionately racers support their tech officials, determines how fair racing will be in their region. RACESAVER®  rules were specifically created to protect the little guy  from the few slickey boys who will spend unlimited money to cheat a win. Fight back!  Insist on consistent   RACESAVER®   rules application.

RACESAVER®  Sprint Series sanctions regional groups who utilize these rules. We maintain a master technical file on every  RACESAVER® 305 Spec head. This supports each regions technical staff, enabling common rules compliance throughout the series. 2008 will mark the 10th 305 Nationals (sm) running under  RACESAVER® Sprint Series sanction.

Preventing racers from spending their last dollar is nearly impossible, but,  RACESAVER®  rules, nationally proven through twelve years of hard racing, make it harder for money to buy a win. You can build a competitive engine for less than $5000. We have documented proof of RACESAVER®  engines producing over 435 hp. using unmodified stock rods, crank, and cast pistons. These engines have raced 3 or more seasons without an overhaul or failure. The RACESAVER®  305 Spec head,  is the foundation of our rules. We keep heads in stock. All engines must be sealed before they are allowed to compete. The bolts must be drilled for sealing wire on: 2 adjacent cylinder head bolts on each head, 2 intake bolts, and 2 timing cover bolts. All logo and trademark stamps must be intact at time of inspection.

This is recreational racing. Safety and cost containment are our objectives. Respect, for competitors, fans, and promoters, is fundamental to our success.  

Regional Series Directors:
Mid Atlantic:  French Grimes, 3943 Hebron Valley Rd. Madison VA 22727
Pennsylvania: Tom Worrick, E 1141 College Ave. Bellefonte, PA 16823
El Paso / Las Cruces:   Joe Novak 575-649-3355   Nolan Vann 575-682-2116
Joe Hicks 915-526-3622
Dallas Smiley Sitton PO box 210739 Dallas TX 75211 214-331-4664
CRSA Brian Grisel 32 Upper Prospect St. Fonda, NY 12068 518-853-3283.2.3.-032
West Texas Sprint Series  Bobby Norvell 806-632-8463  Doug Dubose 806-765-8429     James Hicks 432-553-7195  Gary Gardenhire 432-208-1053
Southern Thunder Sprints  Brad Hawkins 903-839-7081

Engine Rules:
1: Blocks, GM 305 V-8s w/ approved casting #’s 361979 460776 460777 460778
2: #’s continued: 14010201 14010202 14010203 14088551 14016381 355909
3: Max C.I. 315.9 No Tolerance. Stroke 3.480 + - .020. Max. bore 3.801 Do the math!
4: Flat top pistons with valve relief's.  Cannot protrude from cylinder bore.
5: Crank, iron or steel, min. weight 48 lbs. 1% tolerance, min. main brg. dia. 2.450 -.030. NO weight added to crank w/ exception of balance metal which must be welded in place.
6: 5.7” steel rods, min. rod journal dia.  2.100 -.030. Pan may be removed for inspection.
7: Cam drive: Chain only. No gear or belt drives. No device to vary running cam timing.
8: Plain hub or SFI approved damper. Stock location water pump.
9: Stock (.842) dia. flat tappets. NO roller, hydraulic, mushroom or radius tappets.
10: Cam: original material, configuration & firing order (18436572) No billet or hardened cams.
11: Springs: Straight wound w/ flat damper. Max. pressure: @ seat 120#, @ .500 lift 355#,  
RACESAVER® spring: Max dia.1.265”, max. wire dia..195, ht.  2.120,  5 full coils min. Aftermarket spring: Max dia.1.270”, max. wire dia..191, ht. 2.165,  5 1/2 coil min. 
12: Wet sump, internal pump only, no crankcase vacuum systems.
13: Roller rockers allowed. 3/8” stud mount rockers only. NO shaft systems.
14: Absolute max. valve lift: (.510” int., .535” exh.) measured @ zero lash @ valve retainer.
15: No girdles, rev kits, or valve train stabilizers. Tappet access for inspection required.
16: No repositioning, boring or bushing of cam or lifter bores. Max cam dia.1.869 + .002
17: Valves: Int. 1.94”, exh. 1.60”, Stem 11/32”, orig. length & weight, No altered or hollow stems.
18: Ferrous material only: Valves, Retainers, Keepers, Push rods, Springs, Tappets, Cam & cam drives, Crank, Rods, Wrist pins, Fasteners, Main Caps, No titanium or ceramics in engine.
19: Point type Magnetos, or Kettering style ignition. Constant flow fuel injection only.
20: 100 lb. wt. penalty for use of any electronic components, incl: ignition, ECU’s or driver aids.
RACESAVER® 305 SPEC head: Absolutely NO changes. NO machining, milling, resurfacing, grinding, polishing, welding, acid or caustic work, shot peening, glass beading, coating, or any other process that will alter the machined surfaces or the natural sand cast finish. Must retain all original dimensions & configurations including; Valves, springs, retainers, stems, & guides. The ONLY work allowed is: Reseating the valves. NO top cuts that extend into the aluminum of the chamber. NO, under the seat relief cuts. NO work that enlarges the as delivered throat size, 1.810 Int. & 1.345 Ex. (+ or - .010). NO bowl changes. NO CHANGES! Every dimension of these heads has a gauge dimension that must be met for them to be certified. Change any one of them and you will be disqualified. The stamped identification marks may not be altered.
22: Compression Ratio: 10.25 to 1 absolute maximum. C.R. checked w/ Whistle, or by pouring the assembled cylinder. Absolute minimum assembled cylinder volume: 70 cc. Heads may NOT be milled !!! Only exception is pre- approved milling to repair surface. All repairs MUST be pre- approved. Contact 
RACESAVER® @ 540-923-4541 before attempting repairs. A repair authorization number will be issued. After repair, heads must be recertified and marked accordingly. Original serial numbers and certification marks must be intact. They may not be altered or obscured. Any & all repairs MUST be pre-approved and heads recertified. If any
spec head is found to be modified; it must be REPLACED with a certified spec head.
23: The spirit and intent of the   RACESAVER® 305 SPEC Engine Rules will prevail.
Caution: We are aware of advanced methods used to disguise illegal components. ANY engine may be disassembled in order to facilitate thorough inspection. Overt attempts to circumvent the rules will result in exclusion from all 
RACESAVER®  events, and other penalties. Suspect parts are subject to confiscation We reserve the right to exchange any Spec Head at any time. If heads are illegal, NO exchange will be made. Illegal heads will be removed from legal head registry.
For Information on Sanctioning requirements, rules clarification, or to order:
RACESAVER®  Sprint Series @ 540-923-4541 540-923-4543
Web sites: or

CRSA Rule Changes for 2009
2009 RULE UP DATES: $140 shock claimer rule will be in effect , All cars are required to have Transponders and Raceceiver radios in working condition at each race.


Rookie Drivers: Drivers with no prior full size Sprint Car racing experience will start at the rear of the heats and feature until they have run two events or until necessary at the discretion of the series. 
First Time Sprint Car Drivers: Drivers who have other racing experience will start at the rear of the heat and feature for one event or until necessary at the discretion of the series.
Promotional/Sprint Car Drivers: Drivers will start at the rear of the heat race.  Driver will start where they qualify according to CRSA rules.  If they finish in the top 4 they are eligible for the rear draw unless the series determines differently. 

For more information on 305 Engine Rules you may visit the Racesaver™ Sprint Series website at:

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